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Seattle Washington Halibut Fishing

Seattle Halibut Fishing Charter

Seattle Halibut Fishing Charters

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Pacific Halibut is a species of righteye Flounder. This exceptionally large species of Flatfish is native to Puget Sound.

Sport fishing for halibut is an extremely popular activity; it is a strong fighter and one of Washington’s largest fish with an impressive yield of firm, white flesh.

Halibut live on or near the bottom of the water and prefer water temperatures ranging from 37.4 to 46.4 degrees Fahrenheit.

Washington Halibut migrate into Puget Sound in late winter thru spring and summer, from November to March, mature halibut concentrate annually on spawning grounds along the edge of the continental shelf at depths from 600 to 1,500 ft.

Halibut are strong swimmers and can migrate long distances. Halibut of all ages and sizes are involved in a predominantly clockwise (northwest to southeast) migration from their settlement areas (western part of the Gulf of Alaska and Bering Sea), reproductive fish also make regular seasonal migrations from more shallow feeding grounds in summer to deeper spawning grounds in the winter.

Halibut taken by anglers are generally 15 to 20 lb in weight; but fish over 150 lb are regularly caught. The current Washington state record for a sport-caught halibut is 288 lb. Anglers use stout saltwater gear to harvest halibut. Most anglers prefer to fish with bait, especially herring, but also squid, octopus, cod pieces, or other small bottom fish. To get the bait down to the halibut, it is usually fished on a wire spreader or a sliding-sinker rig with sinker size 4 oz to 4 lb, depending on such factors as depth and current.

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Seattle Washington Halibut fishing. Their Strong unpredictable fight is the highlight of many Seattle halibut fishing charters